Sunday, November 28, 2010

Well... Hey there... =1 Just writing at random everything that pops into my head..

Nothing is more depressing than listening to sad Christmas music when you're already sad...
Which is why I'm making two playlist:
Songs to listen to when I'm not sitting there being sad,
and the songs for when I'm sitting there sobbing. 
(Btw, I'm in a very awful mood, so if this seems like a total downer post, it's because I'm a total downer atm..)
(Give me a few months, and everything will be great again.. 6 weeks, to be exact... I hope..)
Worst case I move.. Is it weird that I'm hoping for the worst case scenario?
I didn't know Coldplay sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"... 

"I've just one wish on this Christmas Eve... I wish I were with you.."
I forgot I had shuffle on.. Not the song I thought was gonu be next.. But you know...
Are all sad Christmas songs love songs?
That is also saddening...
"I won't even wish for snow.."
"And when those blue snowflakes start falling, that's when those blue memories start calling..."
I'm thinking Peppermint Winter is a good song to listen to...
"Run outside.. So starry eyed.."
"My frosty toes are getting cold..."
I forgot over half of the Christmas songs I wanted...
I think I need to put together an outfit or 7...
If you could go back in time, would you?

I'll prolly come back and write more..
Bye 4 now..

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