Sunday, December 5, 2010

44 Random Facts About Me..

"Thinking of you, nobody else.."

So I was inspired by my friend Ruthie's blog post..
And I decided I should do a 44RTAM post.
(AND I'm tagging anyone else who reads this that has a Just4Thoughts blog. =P )

1. I turn 18 on June 20th.
2. I find it awkward to type this much stuff about myself.. Ironically.. =P
3. Adam Young (Owl City/ Sky Sailing) is probably my favorite singer.
4. The #4/24 is my favorite number.
5. Fashion blogging and playing with little kids are two really fast ways to cheer me up.
6. Twitter is quickly losing any appeal it had..
7. Christmas is my favorite time of year, despite the cold..
8. #8 is my daddy's favorite number. I hope my future husband is a lot like my daddy.
"I can still feel your heart beat fast when you dance with me.."
9. Yes, I will be posting random song lyrics throughout this..
10. I feel very tired right now..
11. I really want to travel.. Somewhere..
"Boy I hear you in my dreams, I hear you whisper in across the sea.."
12. I really hate the cold. So much.
13. I love it when someone says they are praying for me.
14. Promise is my favorite word. I don't think promises should be taken lightly.
15. After the driving course I took, I still get scared riding in/ driving cars..
16. Loyalty is possibly the most important character quality to me.
"I wanna be beside you, 'cuz you're the one I love.."
17. I saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the first time ever this fall. Now I'm reading the books. I'm on #2.
18. I want to have a really big family when I'm older, Lord willing.
19. BUT I am perfectly content being single too. And if it's His will that I don't marry, than I'm going to be the coolest old maid ever. ;-)
20. I like to make up a recipe as I go when cooking. And it almost always turns out awesome. ;-)
 "I could sing of Your love forever.."
21. I get to stay at the TeenPact camp this year! =)
22. I'm very excited about my little sibling!
23. My doggie's name is Kevin, my kitten's name is Dallas, and my phone is named Bob.
24. One of my very best friends is someone I've never even met.. 
25. I think fingerless gloves are really cool.
26. I really love playing volleyball for the Crusaders.. When I get to play.. =P
27. My friend Hope just got me addicted to looking at houses for sale in different countries..
28. I secretly love the French language and want to go to Paris someday.. 
"Your goodbyes, they left me with eyes that cry.. How can I get along without you?"
29. I really can't wait until the Lord comes back..
30. I still wish I could fly, and at random times make sure that I can't.. =P
31. I almost fell out my window.. again..
32. I refuse to die by getting hit by a car. I'd much rather get hit by a shooting star or die for love..
33. I've had at least 4 pet spiders. Only one was named Charlotte..
"I love you always, forever.."
34. I'm terrified that my future mother-in-law won't like me because I'm strange..
35. I have a notebook that I write letters in.. Stuff I'd like to say, but probably shouldn't..
36. I'm going to be like the Proverbs 31 woman and sew&sell when I'm married.
"Are we happy plastic people?"
37. I daydream a lot.. Most of my daydreams involve you.. (Good luck with that one.. ;-P )
38. I have (technically..) never danced with anyone older than the age of 6.
39. Rapunzel from Tangled and I had WAAAAY too much in common..  I'm never leaving the house without a frying pan again. *nods*
40. I really love mailing people stuff. And I love getting letters.. But not thank you notes.. Those always make me feel guilty for making the person feel they have to send me one..
"If I could find the words I would speak them.."
41. I'm EXTREMELY jealous for my future husband. Warning to future female friends: (cuz I don't plan on having any male ones after I am married) Don't hit on my husband, if you want to live..
42. I get attacked by random inanimate objects.. Including hammers.. At random times.. Which is why sharp blades make me nervous..
"I hope you can hear me.."
43. Hugs > just about anything..
44. On August 24th 2011 I'm having my 18th birthday party. You're invited. Details to follow. =P

"I love you, nothing new.."


  1. I love fingerless gloves too! ^_^ And I secretly love looking at houses for sale in foreign countries... I thought I was the only one who did that! =P Your future mother-in-law will love you because you're strange! And, I can't wait for your birthday party! Going to be so much fun!! =D

    PS - Am I tagged to? What is a 'just for thoughts' blog?

  2. lol You're so sweet. =)
    Yes! You're tagged too! A j4t blog is a blog that really doesn't have a particular theme.. It's just for your random thoughts! =)

  3. I am holding you to the party now girl!!!!