Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Someone Special.."

"Please take me away from here.."
The darling fellow below is my new teddy bear.

This is
My Dreamer.
Best teddy bear ever.
I bought him yesterday. 
Cracker Barrel = Very cool teddys.

I'm working on a ModCloth contest... 
And 3 outfits..
And running laundry..
And dishes..
And making dinner for tonight..
And tomorrow night..
I'm utterly exhausted, and I cannot wait to curl up with My Dreamer and go to bed tonight..
Dreams are such a lovely escape from reality..
Not that reality always needs escaping..
Just sometimes it gets to be a bit tedious..
"It won't be the same.."
I have volleyball in the morning...
I do NOT have the mental energy to talk to coach..
So, therefore, I shall just continue to work my tail off and hope she plays my on the 14th..
And on Friday the poor lil' Crusader boys are taking on BU..
No, I won't cheer for BU the whole time.. =P
Though, it is fun to mess with my teammates by acting like I'm for the other side..
Kevin has a stomachache which is very worrisome..
I'm so cold right now.. 
Someday I'm going to watch the whole Christmas Card movie...
Speaking of "someday"...

 I ♥ this store...
I want to buy all of their little dresses for my darling future daughters.. 
I'll just get them for Twinkle for now though.. 
I really want to make brownies..
And Kimmie's status message says my name..
I kinda love
Thanks Kimmie!
And Abi for doing that earlier! lol
I really like when other people say my name.. It's so much more fun than saying it myself!
Maybe I shouldn't have moved Mom&Daddy's mattress by myself..
Ok, I'm stalling..
Now I really must finish these outfits!
See y'all later..

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