Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Notes from the Kitchen

Hello, there!
I am in the kitchen on my* new laptop!
I have the most awesome playlist ever on..
One of my new favorite songs is Fireflies by Faith Hill.
Seriously beautiful song!
Another awesome song is Nathalie.
Yup, there is actually a song called Nathalie! They spelled my name right!!
Love that.
Downside is the song is in Spanish.
Up side is Google Translate. :-P
I'm not posting the whole translated song here.
The basic story line is he and Nathalie are separated and he loves her and misses her, and he is also worried about her and who is going to protect her while they're away from each other.
Throw in a line or two about sunsets, and that's it!
Quite tragic..
But I like to think that, after the song ends, they get back together, and are never separated again. ^_^
Yes, I happen to be a hopeless romantic. (Not one that believes that romance is hopeless...I'm not that old..:-P )

I haven't posted in a while, so I think I will give a brief update on my life:
Of late, I have been cleaning things, fixing things, and cooking things. 
No socializing for me! It's flu season, and with Mom pregnant, we're trying very hard to keep well. I happen to be failing at that miserably, as I sit here typing feeling very far from awesome. 
Like I mentioned, I have been fixing alot of stuff lately. Phones, vacuums, and everything in between!
I like to fix things, even though sometimes it feels rather hopeless when you've completely dismantled a vacuum, and people keep walking by saying "Um, you're not gonu be able to fix it." After the 5th time trying to put it back togther, I pretty much believed her.. But then it worked! ^_^
(Thank the Lord!!)
I've also been cooking an insane amount..
Soups, sauces, tacos, chicken, steak turkey bacon... And tonight, I'm making blondies! (Thanks, Grace!!)
Which, I guess I'd better get back to that..
Ta-ta for now!

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