Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Thoughts on the Personality Quiz Philosophy

"Tell me what you like, I'll tell you what you are."
Or, so it seems to Mr. John Ruskin. His 'personality quiz philosophy' gives new meaning to the phrase "You are what you eat!" Preferences determine not only one's individuality, but also one's beliefs regarding morality. His is the argument of many relativistic individuals. Chiefly, I may see something as morally wrong, which you find completely acceptable. Much like one may prefer cats to dogs, or Coke to Pepsi, one's moral beliefs are merely a matter of preference.

But is this a rational philosophy? If this ideology is sound, then is it not true that the moral idea of "murder is wrong" is just a matter of preference? Is not child abuse a moral issue? If Mr. Ruskin's statement is true, then a person whose inclination is to abuse their child should not be judged for their preference. Should a thief be punished because they preferred to steal something rather than buy it? According to Mr. Ruskin's personality quiz philosophy, whether stealing is wrong or not is just a matter of taste! Therefore thieves, murders, and such should not be condemned for having different moral preferences than those they victimized.

It is quite obvious these assertions are foolish. One may be very adamant about their beliefs of relative morality until one is morally offended. Mr. Ruskin's philosophy confuses moral law with the individual's will to obey that law. Absolute morality remains absolute whether one prefers to believe it or not. 

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