Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I'm Doin' these Days...Pretty much today..

So today instead of being the good girl I'm supposed to be and doing college,
I went out. Mom had a doctor appointment today. Doctor said everything is wonderful! I got to hear my darling sibling's heartbeat! Afterwards we had some errands to run... Dropping off my sewing machine for repairs, trading tea kettles, tea party shopping, sandwich eating,  TeenPact clothes buying, and most importantly, baby shopping. We went to BuyBuy Baby AND Babies R Us. Needless to say Mom is overwhelmed. Funny thing.. Since we do not know the baby's gender, we cannot even buy a crib! Mom has it all worked out how she wants everything to look. But each look depends on what gender the baby is! So we have a looong ways to go on the nursery. I was wonderfully fun though. I've been thinking about how my future nursery will look.. If my first baby is a boy it will be nautically themed. If she is a girl, a princessy enchanted forest theme would be perfect!
I mentioned a new dress in my last post:

It is a very dark denim. The sweater is also new. I had to wear it because it matched my tights. ;-) 
Dear Michaela from volleyball,
Yes, those are slouch boots. The dress must be worn with flats, and those were the easiest to find at that moment. 

It is a pity I didn't take a picture of the new black dress and jackets I got for TeenPact.. I guess you will see enough of them in the TP pics though. Be warned. It is that time of year. TeenPact will be a recurring theme throughout my post. ;-)

Ignore the scars, they are from David the kitten..
How do you like the new charm bracelet? Not as "perfect" as the one from Kimmie, but it is pretty cute in my opinion! Sweethearts are my favorite part of Valentine's. (As I have said before..;-P ) 
Yes, they taste disgusting, but they are soo cute! 
One last thing I bought today is the Lullaby Renditions of Coldplay cd. 
It's Yellow.
As a lullaby.
That is like, my second favorite song.
My sissy and I can have similar music taste! :-D 
Ok, I have lots of school and tea party prep to do tomorrow. I will take pictures! 
Lots of love,


  1. I love that bracelet! (tho I would like it better if it were silver) I love conversation hearts too. My mom always got them for us for Valentine's Day, then once she broke a tooth on one and never bought them again!

    I didn't have shellac, so one time I got a conversation heart and painted it with clear fingernail polish so it looked shellacked. It was pretty cool!

  2. Oh, that's brilliant!! I'm going to have to do that with the next box I get!

    I would have so preferred silver! But they were seriously lacking silver that day.. *sigh*