Thursday, March 10, 2011

Poetry in Motion

Mom woke me up at 7 today so I would type this up for her. 
She won $40 to Johnny Carinos. 

Here is her poem:

At the Liberal Rodeo

Took my family out today
Wanted to see the cowboys play
At the Liberal Rodeo

Paid money so they would let us in
Then they taxed us, so we paid again
At the Liberal Rodeo

Time to go through security
Those with Berkas got in free
At the Liberal Rodeo

We went to the concession stand
No good food thanks to Michelle Obama's  plan
At the Liberal Rodeo

The man said "No burgers, ribs, or fries for you!
Only broccoli, water, and tofu."
 At the Liberal Rodeo

So we took our seats and sat on down
Reid and Pelosi were the clowns
At the Liberal Rodeo

Pelosi scared the bull back to the gate
Her voice and botox the bulls did hate
At the Liberal Rodeo

When seeing the bulls Reid just sat and cried
And in his girl voice said "I almost died!"
At the Liberal Rodeo

No riding, calf roping, or wrestling steers
PETA was there spreading all kinds of fears
At the Liberal Rodeo

"Rodeos: cruel to animals!" they say
"Cowboys are losers for this kind of play!"
At the Liberal Rodeo

Last minute Cowboy Leland came riding in glory
He said "I'm here to change this sad story!"
At the Liberal Rodeo

"Too much has been lost to the liberals so far
Buy your guns, eat your ribs, and smoke in your cars!
We need to stop this liberal train
And band together to form a conservative chain! 
Let us eat what we want and buy pseudophed
And we parents decide when to put our kids to bed!
Liberals, leave us alone and just shut up!
We are all smart enough to make our own minds up."

And with that Leland rode off on his great horse
The rodeo forever changed in its course

Now it's educated, informed, and free
Primarily made up of the "Party of Tea"

The people have fun and eat all their junk food
No liberals there to ruin the mood!

Reid and Pelosi were sent out on the run
By Mama Grizzlies, the religious, and cowboys with guns

Thanks again, Leland, for keeping us in the know
And changing it over to 
the Conservative Rodeo!

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