Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Have the Right to Remain Silent.

This is my Fairy Grandmother.

Yes, she is definitely be-awesome. 
She's the one that is determined that I look, act, and feel like a princess at all times. 
She also is better at texting than I am.
My spell check still does not know what texting is...

At the moment I am eating chocolate that she sent me while I clean around the house. 
And then I am going to lock the door and watch the new Narnia again. 
The boys can't see it yet cuz Mom wants to watch it with them..
Since I have already seen it, I can watch it as many times as I want.
I am also jamming out to Chris Sligh. 
Very fun to sing along with. 
Not on a webcall though. 
Anywayz, just sayin' hey..
Haven't done a random blogpost in a while..

Mom's at the doctor.. Haven't heard back yet, but I am sure everything is ok..
Anybody wanna peanut?


  1. Vizzini: "GAAHHHHH!!!"

    Nor is it fun to sing along with when you're still getting over a cold........

  2. Meh, that is why it isn't fun singing over the webcam...
    Hehe, otherwise I would have tortured my poor friend with my pathetic singing. :-P

    Also, excellent job on your Vizzini impression. ;-)