Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Future Mother-in-Law,

I promise I will do my best to have amazing table/ house guest manners. 
And I won't get married in a castle unless it is my own. 
Just please do not be like this girl's MIL. 
Your future daughter-in-law

"Mother-in-law's toxic manners email goes viral"
Pics/ vids still uploading.
Please don't die of suspense.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Just back from the concert.
It was so amazing and surreal.
I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
See you then!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I ♥ U

Ken: Okay, now you start. 
Barbie: I... 
Ken: love... 
Barbie: you! Oh! 
Ken: See? That time I said "love"! Okay, now me first. 
Barbie:  Ooh! Okay okay okay... 
Ken: I... 
Barbie: love... 
Ken: you! You see what I mean? It changes every time! 
Barbie:You are so smart! 


  I printed my tickets to the Owl City concert today.
I go tomorrow. 
Look for pictures! 
Unless I forget my camera.. 
Then you'll just have to live without pictures. 
I am extremely excited. 
It has been a good day.
(For other reasons too, not just that.)
See you tomorrow! 
"If I reach for your hand for the rest of my life.."


There's No One Else..

Love this song/ video! 
So cute! 
They're so sweet & nerdy.. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wives and Daughters

Wives and Daughters

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday was my 18th birthday. 
It was pretty awesome. 
I set my alarm for 5:45am, 
So that's when I shall begin. 
I got ready to go, and then we left, and we drove..
And drove..
And drove...
For a full hour and honestly I had no clue where we were going.
Me: "Are we going to Bethel?"
Mom: "Now why would we go to Bethel on a Monday morning?"
Me: "Good point.."
Me: "Are we going to the Creation Museum?"
Mom: "Nope."
Me: "Sigh"
Me: "Are we going to.. The aquarium?"
Mom: "Maybe.."

We got to the aquarium and I still had no clue why we had to get there by 7am..

Or, for that matter, why there was a dude dressed as a penguin..
(He was a killer dancer though.)

This is Red Pepper. 
Cute, isn't she?
I sort of got a private photo shoot with her & two other penguins!

And then we paraded them out for a Q&A session for
 the other people at the museum. 

It was her birthday too!
I think her name was Denae..

Daddy bought me this for my mug collection. 

I've always wondered how taking a picture of a security camera would turn out..

Mom had to feed the baby, so they let us into the 1st aid room.
I'm sitting on one of those check up

No, my feet didn't reach the floor..

The sign said Ride the Ducks!

So we rode the Duck!

Considering what this guy drove through, 
and the fact he got us back alive, 
I think he earned a tip.

Go Reds!!!

(Random: Oh, my goodness, the father in Basket of Flowers DIES???)

Anyway, I love Johnny Rockets.
And the smiley ketchup thing they do..

I thought it looked cool...

Then we returned to the aquarium!

Aren't they cute??
Sadly they are fake...
But they're still cute!

That's a sharkray.
Quite scary looking.
Quite cool.

That's just a shark..

That's an evil fish that attacks the sharks..

The spotted shark is called a Zebra shark.
That's my favorite kind of shark.

What large teeth you have!

Mr. Turtle was my father.
Name's Denver!

Aye, aye, Captain! 

Nicky's so fearless...


Sweet dreams and happy ending..

I've heard the original owner of this boat had 11 kids. 
One night he fell overboard and died.
Now he comes back to haunt the boat.
(I'm homeschooled, ok? Ghost stories aren't my thing!)

This bridge was built as a prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge.

Newport, KY.
The only place in KY the people don't realize they're in Kentucky..

Green Bean.
She's so sweet.

I love penguins.. 

The old gal..

This little boy was so cute.. He loved the penguins. :-D

Apparently penguins are like cats.. They like to play with dangly stuff..
Including skirts..

Speckles here LOVED my skirt. 

She sneaked under the bench and attacked my skirt from behind!
The penguin lady said she was like a little ninja penguin!

She was not happy to pose for the camera. 

All the water droplets went flying off of her.. And on to me! 

I was tempted to join her in the pool...

I can never remember if I'm scared of sharks or if I love them..

Ok, cool as this pic of the shark and Daddy is, 
the guy in the background...

Jelly + Fish


Lorikeets are so cute!

He was so funny..

This one really liked Daddy.

He only had one foot.. 

But he was my favorite. 

I think he liked me too.

"Bird's eye view.."

Ok, no one told me that the shark cage moved. 
It scared me to death.
Nicky was laughing his head off.
Him: "Natalie! COme in here! The video is so cool!"
Me: "Ok!"
Him: "Mwahahahaha"
When this video suddenly shuts off that's me running out of the cage.
That's also me screaming...

He's an octopus. 

This is that same octopus. 

This is such a cool car.. 

to you wonderful people who sent me birthday emails and beautiful presents, 

Thank you!