Friday, June 10, 2011

Don't Y'all get Spoiled...

I prolly can't continue with these daily photo blogs for long. 

So today consisted of:

Me pretending I was Alice going through the looking glass, 

Nicole saying "Let me see your camera I'll take pictures of you!"
Some of the poses she made me do..
Her: "Now pop your foot!"
Me: "Wha??"
Her: "You know, pop it!"
Me: "Ooooh.. Ok." 

I just about died laughing by the time we were done.. 

She thought it was funny too. 

The boys had to get physicals before they sign up for basketball, 
so I took random pics of the waiting room. 

It's kind of cute.. 
In a doctor's office-y kind of way..

Or else we'll drug them and cover them with stickers. 

The whole place had a travel theme.. 
Which I found awesome.. 

And then we went to AppleBees. 

Leo loves Apple Bee's. 

Faith was rather bored with it all. 

I sneaked a pic of this dude. 
He saw my camera and was giving me a lesson on film and photography from the old days. He used to work for Kodak! 
He was pretty awesome. Glad I got his pic. 

Yaya wanted to pose with these flowers. 

And then I got my hair cut&curled.
(Thanks Chauncy!)

Very curled. 

It's still pretty long though. 

Nicky (my official photographer): "Look dramatic!"
Eh... You try looking dramatic in a seatbelt. :-P

Then we went to Red State Barbecue. 
So yum.

And they have little sheepz in the back yard. 
I forgot to check and see if lamb was on the menu...

And that is all. 

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