Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Ok, not really in all caps. Hehe. 
So today's been fun.. 
Shopping.. Italian food.. Swimming in the lake.. Firmly deciding I need to go to TeenPact Congress in Richmond, VA.. (Am I right?)

Right now I'm watching Open Season 3 with Leo & Nicky.
(WHY did they make a 3rd one??)
 "Mommy and Bob are going to look for Bigfoot!"

Curled up with Leo's stuffed shark and Nick looking over my shoulder I 
thought I'd blog. 

And show off my new favorite nail polish. 
It's by Essie (Best brand ever.)
It's called Peach... Some word I don't know.. 
lol Sorry.. 

I got some book(s) boxes.. 
Kind of like the on my friend Becky made me, but not as awesome. 

And I bought some real books. 
I got Ranger's Apprentice book2, and The Book of Lost Tales, and 100 Chinese recipes, and 2Hardy Boys books, and Real Life Tips from Nancy Drew. 

Ooooh! This is Sheba!! 
Isn't she lovely? 

That is an owl. 

Nicole & me right before we went swimming. 

Some daisies growing out on our dock..

David followed us down, and when I jumped in the water he started crying and trying to figure out how to get me out without 
1. being seen by the dogs 
2. getting wet himself. 

Well, now I'm out of Italian food.
And our movie's not over yet... 
So I'm just going to like.. sit here and stuff.. 
Ok, later y'all..


  1. :-D
    Awesome pics.
    YAY @Sheba. lol
    Great post. Keep'm comin!

  2. Thanks, lol, and we'll see. :-P

  3. You're not supposed to TELL people they're book boxes. Secret stash and all...

  4. Oops! Let me fix that! lol