Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Lady Eve

I shall now proceed to watch this while I hand wash all of our dishes because Ken broke. 
And then I will iron.
Later gators. 
(Note: That last statement does not apply to people who are not Florida Gators fans.) 

Shark Week

Shark Week

Sooo... One last thing.. 
Happy Shark Week!
Does the Soul Surfer movie come out on DVD this week? That would be ironic and rather funny. I haven't seen it yet,  so mentioning it was in no way an endorsement. Just sayin'.
Ok, well, do us all a favor and don't get eaten. 

Pink Elephants..

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants on Parade has been stuck in my head for a while now.
I am really sleepy. And people keep thinking I am Faith's mother. *rollseyes*
KEVIN! Grr... He's going to wake her up! Poor darling. She hates her car seat.
Why is my alarm clock going off? Oh, yeah... 6pm is Bob's favorite time of day. Scares me to death everytime I hear it. Roses are awesome. Oops. I forgot what I was oopsing. Spider solitaire is addicting. And fun. And such. Where did our car go? I don;t think I can walk to VA anytime soon. Sadly. It would be fun though. I need to meet Emily and other such people. I wonder if you remember that one time.. Wait, Harry Reid and Mitch Mcconnell look exactly alike. :-O
Except Harry sounds like Piglet.. And Mitch sounds like the Smucker's jam grandpa announcer dude. 
This is ridiculous. I can't tell who is who! I need to paint my room. The library hates me. I need book eight. They give me books 9 and 10. I can't read 9 and 10 without 8. Such a huge fail. I really am just typing whatever I am (stupid fly) thinking. Um.. I think someone just ran over Kevin.
Tomorrow I am going to watch Hello Dolly. Sadly, I am not going to live tweet it. Mom gets my phone updates and does not appreciate live tweets. Or random quotes of any kind. I am starting a new blog, but it is a serious blog. And it will be awesome. First post should be up tomorrow. Don't tell your friends about it please. I will probably get bored with it. (Actually, it'll prolly turn into a notebook blog for lack of computer time..) I think I shall go work on it now.
Until tomorrow,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Two Quotes I Heard Today that I Liked.

"My man is down! My place is by his side!" ~Brenda

"You can still marry Harry".. If Pippa doesn't get to him 1st

Mom: "What does your heart say?"
Daughter: "To forget him."
Mom: "Good, now do the opposite." 
Daughter: "What?"
Mom: "You can't trust your heart, it's been broken!" 
~ No idea from what. 


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We're All Mad Here.

We're All Mad Here.

For the next five minutes I am going to type almost every thought that comes into my head.
Well, not all of them. I bet there is a bird under that hat. You think so too, don't you Faith. HE STOLE THE HAT! Nicky's so sweet.. Getting Sheba's plug.. Candid Camera is funny.. That is not the Sommers woman.. Two new Tweets. I must be bored. Ah! This doesn't belong to Sheba! Please don't die! How do other bloggers do this? It is not that amazingly fun. I hope y'all enjoy it. The 'Os? The Zeros? That makes no sense. Now I am going to do dishes cuz actually, hours have passed and I no longer have time to do this. Maybe later I will do it again. If I don not go star gazing. Hahahaha, Don. That's awesome. Ok, ciao.
Faith is awesome. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Never Feminized

Civilized, but never feminized

I just recently 
(like, 5 minutes ago..)
read this really great article. 
And I felt myself totally amening her. 

Also check out: 

I saw a shooting star.
I made a wish..

"This is harder than we dreamed, but I believe that's what the promise is for.."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Dream Within a Dream

Monday, July 18, 2011

#Hashtag #Win

#WorthTheWait is trending on Twitter.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Can I?"

A guy at our church wrote this.
It's so perfect.
He called it Can I Take a Peek.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh to be a carefree 7yo.. With a twin brother..

And a bouncy birthday party.. 
And such. 

These are my buddies, Zach and Luke.
Luke, the one with the pizza, is older by 4 mins.
Zach is the sweet, quiet one, that totally killed me in the dodge ball pin.
They were sweet enough to invite me to their birthday party today. 
It was quite enjoyable.
Though next tine we go to Bounce U together, 
Zach's going down at dodge ball. 


Some and most of y'all knew her better than I did.
But when I did talk to my adopted little sister, I could tell she was something special.
I know the rest of her family, friends, and "adopted" family would agree.
She will be sorely missed and never forgotten.
R.I.P. Bekah Elaine

Friday, July 8, 2011


Today was Cow Appreciation Day.
(Chick-Fil-A ftw!)
So I did my best to look like a cow.
I ran into my little friend, Laney, while I was there.
She was having just as much fun as I was.
(Read: She too was hiding behind a taller sibling trying not to be seen.)
She did pose for a picture with me though.

Yesh, that is mascara on my nose. 


I did my eye makeup in a hurry.
I look like the Mad Hatter.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the Dungeon...

The air conditioning in the tower is out.
And while I personally don't mind staying up there in the 100+ heat,
my body was very mad at me and I got sick.
So my rather concerned mother stuck me in the dungeon.
Our basement's not so bad.. And it is much cooler..

Friday, July 1, 2011

In 2893 You Would Be:

You Would Be: A Space Pirate

Yes, I'm addicted to Blogthings.
Yes, I would so be a space pirate if I could..
Yes, I would be a nice pirate and not like.. You know.. Pirate stuff...

I Wouldn't Want to Live There...

Indianapolis is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there. 
Actually, I'll be living there next fall for Verity.. 
Huh.. Scratch that.. I guess I do want to live there.
Especially after my night at the Egyptian Room.  T'was AMAZING.
So I promised pics and vids and such.. 
Here they are. 
Wish you could have been there.

(And, just saying, the amazingly awkward way he danced was so incredibly funny/ awesome.)

There was a random tree.. 

The stage was so cool.

Coolest opening ever!
(Laura's biggest fans were right behind

And there he is!!!

Ok, I know you can hardly hear it.. But at least I could when I was there.. :-P
"Weighed down by heavy lids and lunar lullabies,
I knew you were wide awake because you smile with your eyes."

The little flying dance he did..
Umbrella Beach, if you couldn't tell.. 

"If you cut me I suppose I would bleed the colors of the evening stars.."

"But still my heart stops without you cuz there's something about you that makes me feel alive!"

"The glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling will shine for us.."

Oh, it was so amazing and beautiful... 
And then she swooned and yeah.. 
Poor girl.. I guess she just couldn't take it.. 

"Remember me.. I'll never forget you.."

"I'd rather waltz than just walk through the forest.."

"I'm never letting go..I'm never letting go!"

"Because my dreams are bursting at the seams.."
That was possibly the best part of the night.

He is THE most awkward dancer! 
It was so great..
"Let's dance in the moonlight!"

That is all.

"I remember the view whenever I'm holding you.."

Ok, blogger hates me, so I am just going to publish and hope y'all enjoy. 
(And hope I posted the right videos!)

(Oh, and this is the Shawn Chystopher hologram! It was sooo cool!)

Yes, that's Adam Young and Breanna Duren. 
And because of this picture their names are now in my contacts. 
(I know I'm a dork. :-P )

I had an absolutely amazing time on Tuesday.
And just saying, 
I'm going to be singing his songs for the rest of the week..
See y'all..