Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pink Elephants..

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants on Parade has been stuck in my head for a while now.
I am really sleepy. And people keep thinking I am Faith's mother. *rollseyes*
KEVIN! Grr... He's going to wake her up! Poor darling. She hates her car seat.
Why is my alarm clock going off? Oh, yeah... 6pm is Bob's favorite time of day. Scares me to death everytime I hear it. Roses are awesome. Oops. I forgot what I was oopsing. Spider solitaire is addicting. And fun. And such. Where did our car go? I don;t think I can walk to VA anytime soon. Sadly. It would be fun though. I need to meet Emily and other such people. I wonder if you remember that one time.. Wait, Harry Reid and Mitch Mcconnell look exactly alike. :-O
Except Harry sounds like Piglet.. And Mitch sounds like the Smucker's jam grandpa announcer dude. 
This is ridiculous. I can't tell who is who! I need to paint my room. The library hates me. I need book eight. They give me books 9 and 10. I can't read 9 and 10 without 8. Such a huge fail. I really am just typing whatever I am (stupid fly) thinking. Um.. I think someone just ran over Kevin.
Tomorrow I am going to watch Hello Dolly. Sadly, I am not going to live tweet it. Mom gets my phone updates and does not appreciate live tweets. Or random quotes of any kind. I am starting a new blog, but it is a serious blog. And it will be awesome. First post should be up tomorrow. Don't tell your friends about it please. I will probably get bored with it. (Actually, it'll prolly turn into a notebook blog for lack of computer time..) I think I shall go work on it now.
Until tomorrow,

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