Sunday, August 7, 2011

It is No Use Arguing..

I've made up your mind.
I watched Hello Dolly today. I'll be reviewing it here tomorrow.
Now I am handwashing all of the dishes. (The 10th cannot get here soon enough...)
This weekend's achievements: I made the best cornbread ever, and won second in a tennis tournament.
That last one doesn't really count because the kids I played were so much younger than me..
"I don't recall ever leaving Alaska.."
I really want to go to Back to D.C.
If you know of a more elegant yet no less exciting way of finishing off a carton of milk than drinking it straight, can you please let me know? Really, nothing beats the fun of drinking it straight from the carton, but it isn't very ladylike, and well.. You know...
Anyway, the dishes are calling me.
"And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, perfect, all-American giiiiiiiirrrrrrrlllllll..."

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