Monday, August 1, 2011

L.A. Lights and Such.

^ LOL^
It is late at night. Well, not really late.
I think I may be Snow White. I live in a house with little men, (Yes, there are only two, not seven, but Leo's appetite makes up for the lack of numbers.) I bake pies, I vocalize at random times, and at random moments wild animals come up to me. Mostly birds. Like today, when the cutest little bird let me pick it up and take care of it until it flew off. Made me smile. His name is Noble.
Should I be disturbed that most of the other members of my family are gathered around the other computer watching a fat guy swim? And calling other family members to tell them to watch him? This is kind of odd and rather funny. Faith finds it amusing as well.
I got to see Gypsy today. "There goes his cat again!"
"All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. ~ Charles Schultz"

Faith is no longer interested in the fat guy. She likes the roses on the table better.
I really hope I am not getting sick. I am playing in a tennis tournament. And yes, I am scared to death. So far I  have only played little miniature teenagers. And they're good. I can't imagine how good kids my age would be. :-|
Shark Week has been awesome. Ok, yes, it's only been one day.
We may have a Chilean guy come stay in our basement. Leo's tennis coach. His name is Jose. Why he is staying here, I have no idea. I just hope he goes back to college soon. (Did I mention I don't think he likes me at all cuz I beat one of his players in singles?) Yeah. Good times.  I want to go star gazing. It is cloudy.. Nicole is eating all of my pie. I don't blame her. Best recipe ever. I don't have any idea what site it is from, sorry. :-(
I don't know how to French braid. This is really saddening. BUT I am going to try and take French lessons with people. Not French people. Why is my 9yo cousin going to Paris alone? Without me? (Ok, ok, maybe she is 11.. I lost track...)
See you all tomorrow.
Oh, rats. It's almost tomorrow. I have 30mins to fall asleep.
And Phantom of the Opera is now playing in my head. (Thanks Daddy. :-P )


  1. Come over and visit, NatalieHunny, and I'll teach you how to French Plait. =)

    (How can she resist that?!)

  2. Learning to French braid/plait in New Zealand.. It would be so international.. And rather awesome. I'll be over asap. =D