Friday, August 19, 2011

My Baby Princess is Cuter than Your Baby Princess.

Sorry, I had to say it.
But she is perfect. She's sleeping on the big bed at the moment, so I'm watching her. She likes the big bed because it's softer than her crib. 

Today my dishwasher is to be fixed, justice is to be served, and a dentist is to be visited. 
(Mom broke a tooth.)
(And no promises on the justice thing..)
(Or apparently the dishwasher since the guy seems to like canceling on me..)
There are two new Snow White movies coming out. Both look very cool. Both will probably turn out dirty in one way or the other and I'll have to skip both.
There's alos a new Peter Pan movie in which Peter is a childlike kidnapper who murders his victims, and Hook's a good guy set out to catch him. Prolly won't be seeing that either. 
"A steadfastly faith filled man, Philip believes in the possibility of redemption for all. He falls in love with the beautiful mermaid Syrena when she is captured by Blackbeard's crew (of which Philip is a part) and he tries desperately to protect her from Blackbeard's cruelty, nearly getting himself killed in the process. Syrena and Philip's fate remains unknown as of the end of the fourth movie, but one thing is for certain: wherever they wind up they will be together for all eternity."

Maybe I should see the pirate movie? 
Rafael Nadal is losing. 
Oh, well. 
Ciao for now. 
Actually, I'm eating lunch now, so really it's
Chow for now. 
(I know, that was lame)

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