Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Patience of Job.

Oh, hi!
I'm sleepy. And on book 4 of the Left Behind series. I never thought I'd read them.. It was actually an accident, if you believe in such things. I'll tell you about it some other time. At the moment I am sleepy.
I think I'll finish this post tomorrow. Unless I've been raptured. That is a word, SpellCheck.

I'm back. Maybe tonight.
Anyway, I hurt in places I didn't even know I could. Dear future husband, if we buy our kids loft beds, you get to be the one to put them together. Ouch. I put Leo's together tonight. That was painful. I also rediscovered my fear of heights.. While on top of the loft.. Before I had finished it.. So it was all wobbly.. And very scary.. :-S Horrifying.. Yeah.. Should have just thrown in a snake for good measure.
Oh! About the accidentally reading Left Behind:
So Daddy had mentioned that his inmates were missing the last two books of the series, and they had to be paperback, and they were all very sad because they couldn't find copies. I remembered the library had 2 Left Behind books in their 25cent section. So I bought them. Turns out they were 2copies of book one, which Daddy didn't need. So now I own 2copies of Left Behind book 1. One was left in the car accidentally. One day I was sitting in the car with Faithy, and she was sleeping, and I was phoneless. (Aka I was as close to bored as I'll let myself get.) At that point I start looking for things to read. The newspaper got old quickly. And Lego Magazine only can be read so many times. Then I saw my Left Behind book under the seat. Win
I started reading and quickly got hooked. They really are pretty good books.

I have bags under my eyes. Ugh. I need sleep. And a better concealer. Anything else I wanted to say? I don't remember.. OOOOHHHH!!!
Princess party at Chick-Fil-A! It was a blast! The Browns were there, and the Snitchzlers, and the Reids, and a little girl I didn't know named Payton.. She was a doll. She came up to me and said: "Let me fix your tiara." *She proceeds to "fix" it. "There. Now you are beautiful. What's your name? I'm Payton. Why are you wearing a shawl? I like your dress? Why is your hand hot? Did you have surgery?" I'm not even sure how I responded. I was kind of in shock. I mean, I'm used to all the other questions, but I've never gotten the surgery one. XD
One last thing before I go to sleep or something equally impossible: We were at Khol's, and Maybe by Ingred    played. Made me happy.

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