Friday, September 30, 2011


Oh, hey!
I didn't fall asleep till 6am last night. And that's without caffeine.
Good thing I have a map over my bed or I would have been very bored. "See if you can identify different countries in the dark!" It's a fun game.
Also, yesterday morning I made doughnuts out of canned biscuits and leftover bread pudding sauce.
They were pretty yum.

Ok, off to a baby doc appointment.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Good Idea?

I came across this article today, and I want to know..
Do you think it's a good idea? I'm all for it, but maybe I'm naive?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey there.

Oh, hi!
I made my first ModCloth order today. I'm stoked.
Um, Faithy's calling, so I shall return later. Unless I don't feel like writing more cuz I'm eating yummy bread pudding.. Ok, ciao

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marry the Mole.

"Romeo and Juliet were very much in love when they were wed. They honored every vow, but where are they now? They're dead! Dead! Very, very dead!"

Stuck in my head.. Sorry..
"Deary, marry the mole! 
M is for money! 
L- E!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fear Not, I am with thee.

The awesome moment when you find a Bible verse that a hymn was based off of.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's 11:11.

I'm going outside now. I may be eaten by a spider. I hope not. The question really is, where were you at 1am on July 26th of last year? I want to go see Casting Crowns and Sanctus Real. I have a better chance of going to that than to Owl City again. And it'd be just as cool. Though, I don't like people, and there'd be a lot. It's at Rupp Arena after all. I like Rick Perry. Well, I like him out of these people. None of these candidates (It's like candi dates...Gross..) are really that great. Name recognition is so important. As are principles. As are, believe me or not, looks. America is full of shallow people who don't want to watch a woman grow old, or an ugly man grow uglier. It's just not going to happen. Ok. NOW I'm going outside.
See y'all tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh ok, fine, I won't eat a banana. Or sleep. Or read. Or oh look! 
Anyway, hi. I'm not sure what to do next. My piggy bank is in the shape of an owl. And the other one has a pig in a tutu. I've only been to an island once. That is serious mysterious. Can I wear my elbow gloves around the house, or will they get dirty? What is the point of diagramming sentences in Spanish? I may throw the lollipops on my desk at the UPS man and blame Kevin. 
What's in the bag? Hmm.. Colton, Shaun?, Ashley, Dusty, Mitch, Bailey? Heather, Ms. Nelda, and me. I miss her. She was an awesome person. I need to see her when I go to Texas. That's a fun playground. SKYPE SHUT UP I KNOW SHE IS ONLINE!
Thoroughly Modern Millie looks funny. I need to write the review for The Note. I have a panda. I like pandas/.
If you can read this, you're too close. It's not published yet. WHAY ARE YOU LOOKING OVER ME SHOULDER! I think I need sleep. Kevein ate a possum last night. He barked and barked and parked.. 
And water bottles. I think I will throw water bottles. It saves room in my trash can. OH LOOK A MASK! 
It's black and sparkly.. I wonder if Mom would let me wear it out of the house. I need a red dress. Or a black one. But not a red and black one. I'd look like a widow. Don't mess with Texas. Or wasps nests. Or very angry caterpillars. Cacti. Platinum. Motherboard. ACT tests are fun. Maybe next year? Yesteryear? I'd still rather walk. Oh, black sandals. I knew you when. When what? I'm not sure. Should I bungee jump with my minor fear of heights? Louis is a cool name. There's a chipmunk on my ceiling. I should go.  

I hate food.

At least that's how I feel right now. I'm achy and sleepy and not using correct punctuation, but what else is new?
It got so bad last night I couldn't even eat the yummy birthday meal Mom and I made for Daddy. :-(



Faithy's very upset I can't play with her. Well, I can't play with her up close. We played via her in her seat and me waaaay above her on the catwalk. She kept looking around trying to find me.. cute girl.. Now I'm exhausted again. I'm not used to getting sick. I guess after a year with little to no garlic my immune system's outta whack..
Ok ciao..

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I had to.

It's driven me crazy since 5th grade in crochet lessons when my friend first told me. I wondered and wondered and finally forgot. But recently the question was brought back to mind, and it's been plaguing me even more intensely than it used to. I've tried to be patient. Normally I can resist these kind of nagging curiosities, but not this time. This time, I googled it. My curiosity got the better of me, I couldn't help it! I had to know!
Does Chloe (Steele) Williams make it to the end of the tribulation? Or does she get her head cut off like my friend said she did?

Turns out she does. *sigh*

Was this a very random post?
Yes. But hey, that's life.
Also, Faith wasn't in the mood for a photo shoot.
But yesterday she kind of was, so expect pics tomorrow.
Also, tomorrow is Daddy's birthday.
Also, I'm making creme brulee.
Also, I think that should become a tradition, don't you?


I had this brilliant idea for a blog post and forgot it. Sorry.

Also, Mrs. Brown is going to have another baby. =D
I'm extremely excited.
Ok, ciao.

Friday, September 16, 2011

"It's Easy to be Prefect with Room Service."

Yup. It takes a little more work when you're doing it all yourself.
I've totally gutted and scrubbed our basement.
I've cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next three days.
I'm co-hosting the church men's meeting on the lake tomorrow.
So I'm tired. :-P
"Pretty is nice, but still, it's just pretty! Perfect, my dear, is meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"
I love Oliver and Company. Very good movie.
Speaking of good movies, Nicky and I watched Annie. Well, the end of the movie. Still heard my two favorite songs of the movie!

This one's not on GrooveShark. :-P

Ok, ciao 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I ran into Lil at the store today. I'm not playing volleyball this year, so I don't get to see her. 
I've missed getting hugs from her. She was such an encouraging person. 



Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, My Dear..

Mm, yeah, good song.
No clue how it got stuck in my head. Seriously.
I didn't make bacon.. I made cheeseburger melts.
The old Tron is pretty cool. I didn't watch it closely enough to review it though.
The girl needed to make up her mind which guy she wanted to be with.
Logically you'd think it'd be obvious to her. (A cat just flew by. Maybe it was David's ghost.)
I mean, Tron is a program, like her, and Flynn is a User.. How would a program even become a user? Or would he just have to become a program? I'm confused.
The weather is so perfect right now. Not too cold, and (duh..) not too hot.
June's still my favorite month, but September sure is trying to change that.. And it may be succeeding.. The Moon beat me at chess tonight. My head wasn't really in the game.
Going to hold Faith now.
Goodnight. =1
See y'all tomorrow.

Faith V

I discovered the setting on my camera that takes so many pictures, one after the other.. 
So Faithy and I played with that. 


That middle one is my trick.
Also, Blogger is telling me I have never had a pageview on this blog ever.
I think it's lying.



That is all.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Faith IV

Extreme cuteness.

These with me were put on a timer so she and I could just play.

She's a hat person.

^That's going to be Daddy's birthday present.^


Just don't ask.