Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"I'm hiding under your porch because I love you!"

Actually, I'm in the basement. And it's not cuz I love you. No offense.. And I may love you.. Unless you're not someone I love.. ANYWAY (Can you say bunny trail?)
I'm in the basement cleaning out Nicole's room. Because it flooded. And it's all musty/moldy now. Which is a fail. (Nicole's in college now, by the way.. Which is why she's not cleaning her room out..)
Yeah.... This isn't fun.. I need some good music..

need a really perfect chocolate cake recipe.
I'd be ever so grateful if you had one to share.
If you would be so kind, please email it to me, or even leave it in a comment. That'd work too.
Ok, Ciao for now.

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