Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm so excited about Saturday I may burst.
Only downside is I just realized the dress I wanted to wear is too white. #fail.
Oooh! But I just mentally fixed that problem. Don't you love mentally fixing problems? It makes life so much happier. I'm so not bringing a book with me on the drive though. I have a feeling we'll talk too much! Also, I do purposely leave my locations undisclosed until after the fact so that I am not stalked. You'll have to just wait till Monday. (Sunday we're having a HUGE church fellowship. Love those. I hope it's cloudy but not rainy. And not too cloudy.. You know..) I got Chloe such a perfect birthday present. I hope she loves it. Even though her birthday is tomorrow. The 7th of September is a crazy popular day for girls I know to have birthdays. Sadly  haven't seen one of them, Ellia, in a long time. Did I ever tell you about Ellia? She may have been before your time.. Though I can barely remember that time.. Ellia was a darling girl from Bethel. But she left even before we did, so I am not sure if I ever mentioned her or not.. I do miss her though. She was adorable She loved The Little Mermaid. I totally spoiled her.. She was the oldest of.. 4 I think.. She had the brightest blonde hair I'd ever seen. Anyway I have to go get chili for the boys. And then they'll watch a movie while I iron. You know that awkward moment when you miss someone a whole lot but you can't do anything about it? Also that awkward moment when you work super hard putting together this great baby crib, cutting yourself in the process, only to discover the next day that the bed gives off toxic fumes and you have to dismantle it again. Oh, well. *sigh* I'm considering going outside and just standing in the rain.. Ok, ok! I'll get your chili! Goodness. Boys and their food..


  1. ...and you've never met one girl whose birthday is on the 7th.