Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Oh, My Dear..

Mm, yeah, good song.
No clue how it got stuck in my head. Seriously.
I didn't make bacon.. I made cheeseburger melts.
The old Tron is pretty cool. I didn't watch it closely enough to review it though.
The girl needed to make up her mind which guy she wanted to be with.
Logically you'd think it'd be obvious to her. (A cat just flew by. Maybe it was David's ghost.)
I mean, Tron is a program, like her, and Flynn is a User.. How would a program even become a user? Or would he just have to become a program? I'm confused.
The weather is so perfect right now. Not too cold, and (duh..) not too hot.
June's still my favorite month, but September sure is trying to change that.. And it may be succeeding.. The Moon beat me at chess tonight. My head wasn't really in the game.
Going to hold Faith now.
Goodnight. =1
See y'all tomorrow.

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