Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Oh ok, fine, I won't eat a banana. Or sleep. Or read. Or oh look! 
Anyway, hi. I'm not sure what to do next. My piggy bank is in the shape of an owl. And the other one has a pig in a tutu. I've only been to an island once. That is serious mysterious. Can I wear my elbow gloves around the house, or will they get dirty? What is the point of diagramming sentences in Spanish? I may throw the lollipops on my desk at the UPS man and blame Kevin. 
What's in the bag? Hmm.. Colton, Shaun?, Ashley, Dusty, Mitch, Bailey? Heather, Ms. Nelda, and me. I miss her. She was an awesome person. I need to see her when I go to Texas. That's a fun playground. SKYPE SHUT UP I KNOW SHE IS ONLINE!
Thoroughly Modern Millie looks funny. I need to write the review for The Note. I have a panda. I like pandas/.
If you can read this, you're too close. It's not published yet. WHAY ARE YOU LOOKING OVER ME SHOULDER! I think I need sleep. Kevein ate a possum last night. He barked and barked and parked.. 
And water bottles. I think I will throw water bottles. It saves room in my trash can. OH LOOK A MASK! 
It's black and sparkly.. I wonder if Mom would let me wear it out of the house. I need a red dress. Or a black one. But not a red and black one. I'd look like a widow. Don't mess with Texas. Or wasps nests. Or very angry caterpillars. Cacti. Platinum. Motherboard. ACT tests are fun. Maybe next year? Yesteryear? I'd still rather walk. Oh, black sandals. I knew you when. When what? I'm not sure. Should I bungee jump with my minor fear of heights? Louis is a cool name. There's a chipmunk on my ceiling. I should go.  

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