Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday was ridiculously fantabulous. 
That morning my family went for free Chick-Fil-A, 
And then when we got home Nicky and I watched Sue Thomas F.B.Eye. 
I was scared it wouldn't have a happy ending, but it did.
And then Chloe's family picked me up, and our adventure started.
We drove up to the (2nd) most fantabulous mall ever, 
(NorthPark being THE most fantabulous.)
and Chloe and I went to explore. 
Four stores in an hour and a half. Can you believe that?

This little accessory store was probably my favorite.
Well, ForeverXXI is awesome as well.

But this place was soo much fun.

The owner was so friendly.

She was totally all for us taking pictures of everything.

And I did take pictures of everything.

These were so cute. All of their jewelry was! I started to wish my ears were pierced. :-P

Handbags. Sooo many of them.

Sooo sparkly. 
I bought a tie like that. When I wear it I'll try and take a picture. 

I liked these washers.

That tie waaaay down there is the one I bought.

This store was way expensive, but super fun.
I liked the clothes, and the workers were very sweet. 

One of the workers saw my camera and was like:
"Oooh! You look like a designer slash photographer!"
And before I could say anything, my dear friend Chloe replies:
"She is!"
I'm like:
"Not yet! But I'm working on it!"
Worker lady: "Well you're well on your way!"
I like her.

It was a cool store.
And then we went to Sephora.

This is the only shot I got inside of Arden B.
Then this horrid lady runs up yelling:
(In nasal voice) "Ma'am, I'm *soo* sorry, but you're not allowed to take pictures in here!"
She was uber sarcastic. 
The store was very sparkly. Like a photo shoot waiting to happen.

We went to Bare Minerals for makeovers!
Well, Chloe and Jane got makeovers.
I preformed the makeovers. 
(Jane's anyway. A lady that looked like Zooey D. did Chloe's.)

At the Cheesecake Factory. 

Aaron the ninja!

Nolan's ninjas.

Inside the Disney store.

Princess castle ftw!

Pink and so sparkly. 

Perry. He's a platypus. He doesn't do much.

Inside the cheesecake factory.

The food is so yum. 
I recommend the pot stickers 
and pineapple upside down cake flavored cheesecake.

Did I mention they're ninjas. :-P

And Aaron's a fantabulous dancer.

It's tradition. We must take pictures of our shoe.

That's pretty much how I feel about how the day went.

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