Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bunny Trailing.. Brb

Simon Templer.. The Saint.
Stupid Scotland Yard dude knows nothing. Go home and stay out of trouble. Striker? Strider?
Faith's so cute. I hope you know what you're doing. I make a point of it. She's eating an elephant. Should I be worried? 61 was the limit. You just asked your "dear friend" to play a waitress. She's good. I bet she looks good in hats.. That's what I'd like to know.. My feet hurt all the way up to my hips. I somehow managed to wriggle all the way to the darkest corner of our attic in search of an old baby dress of mine. Mom wants to give it to me for my hope chest. I like my steak raw. Really? I'll get it eventually. Me? Playing matchmaker? Only with a few people.. All of whom I've met in person, so no worries. They all live in separate states though.. I need to throw a party,maybe? Go sample your own roast beef. Oooooooooh.... That makes sense.. Look at that necklace. Don't move, Templer. Don't sneeze, or we die, darling. It's only 7pm and it is dark.

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