Friday, October 7, 2011

Not really my night. Or my computer.

I started work on Mom's birthday gift on her computer instead of Sheba, so yeah.. I'm an idiot.
Here's some pictures of yesterday.
Oh, it's October 7th. THAT explains it....
Two years ago tomorrow I went to the Casting Crowns concert.. Heh...

Don't remind me..

Nicky: "The inside of this thing smells sooo bad!!"

I like this picture.

I was dying to play "He loves me, he loves me not.." 
But you're *technically* not supposed to pick the flowers.

Dragon Fly Marsh it pretty cool.

Much like waterfalls.

I have a weird thing for taking pictures of bees..I just like them, I guess..
They're so photogenic!

Unlike this lil dude..

Water is so fun to take pictures of..

And to stick your hand in when no one is watching.. 


Seriously.. I was craving some catfish..:-p

It would be so cool to go play in that..

She agrees.


*Technically* that's a weed, not a flower...

Bridges are so lovely..

Hottest day of October and I dress like I'm going to a Christmas party. 
It was cold when .Ii left the house. 

Helicopters are awesome.

As good as it's going to get with a picture of them.. :-P

If this doesn't make you go "aw.." you're pretty cold.

Mom wanted a picture of me. 
Okee dokee.

She's got her smolder down pat.

This is what we get for taking her to the Pooh Bear movie.

So cute..

Can you say Christmas card?
(Ok, I have to photoshop some of us in..)
(Darn, I don't have photoshop..)

What, he's cute!

I am SO looking forward to March...

He's here to save the day.

Next time I go here, I'm going to try some of those perspective shots..

And that's my shop. <3

The End.
See y'all tomorrow. 

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