Monday, November 28, 2011


Greek lamb sounds good.
I had an awesome dream about the Mad Hatter last night. I was Alice. It was so cool.
Unhelpful guys from church are unhelpful and useless.
Pizza is yum. But not really on my new healthy eating plan...
Remember cassette tapes? Good times. I should do a photo post I guess...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Oh, blow me a kiss, and that's lucky too!"

I'm not a chimney sweep. I am a pet sitter. 
So why is it every time I go pet sitting I start whistling The Chimney Sweep's Song from Mary Poppins?
I got lost in thought the other.. Wow that's a ton of popcorn...
I think I have my turkey recipe perfected. Can you say WholeLottaButter?
My business has a twitter. Just starting it really. Can't wait to get the website up and running.

We (I..) also offer plantsitting and selective* babysitting.

*If there are no stalkers/ creepy exes, drug problems, drinking problems, and/ or previous criminal records, I'll gladly keep your kid. 

Cats, dogs, and zombies. Fun. Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh is still my favorite painting. 
"Mr. Boone! I'd like to talk to you!"
That makes four of us. Faith drives better than I do. 
"You make me smile."
May I ask you where you got your information? 
"I don't want to be skinny! I want to be *gaunt!*" ~Diane
She's brilliant. Ish.
My grandmother has an iphone. I know, I'm still having trouble processing this. 
She also has a gmail.. If I still used gchat, I'd totally invite her to talk.. We'll stick to texting, I guess. 
The orthodontist made my teeth MORE crooked. That's what I get for being proactive and fixing something that wasn't "broked."
All I wanted to do was get a retainer to prevent my wisdom teeth from causing issues.. But noooo "Retainer with springs! It'll keep your teeth nice and straighter!" 
Lies. All of it.

I miss David. 
A crazy cat lady stole him. 
Leo saw her, not me..
He said she was carrying our neighbor's cat into her house..
I'm all for crazy cat ladies, but you're supposed to adopt 50 cats, not steal them!
Some people just don't take a hint. 
Hiking is just walking!
That's what makes it awesome.
Kevin couldn't fingure out why we didn't go in the woods after our pet sitting adventure, like usual..
He doesn't understand that barefoot + woods after dark = really bad idea.
Does it have a name?
You should have known that I would ask. Everything has a name. 
Hallmark Christmas movies are so corny I wanna die.
You gotta love it.
"I already got my Christmas present!" *Kisses the girl* ~Every Hallmark Christmas movie ever.
How to save Verizon voice mails to mp3?
I have no clue. I need to learn though.. It's Daddy's Christmas gift.
I think Mary knows by now.
Ok, ok, I have the best, semi-homemade, recipe ever.
It involves bacon.
It's perfect.
Miss Piggy rocks my toe socks, and Faith and I are going to see the Muppet movie.
I'm sleepy.
And Happy.
And Dopey.
And Sneezey.
And Grumpy.
And Bashful (believe it or not..)
And Doc.
There are times I do wonder.. 
Ok, Faithy wants me to rock her to sleep.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jackie Chan?

I'll do a whole blog post on the concert later.
Until then, enjoy his new song!

"As you doze off tonight, I'll toss and turn.
As your sweet dreams take flight, I'll crash and burn.
While your heart flutters free, I still can't breathe.
As you stir in your sleep, I hope you think of me."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Shut up, I'm a ninja Smurf.

And yes, I am wearing a hoodie.
 I only own three, 
and as it was within reach when I left my room,
 I ended up wearing it. 
I still don't like to wear them.
All clear?