Thursday, December 15, 2011

How Not to Schedule a Road Test in Kentucky

Counties to avoid: Scott, Grant, Owen, Bourbon. 
Call Woodford Co Tuesday @8am or you'll miss him. 
Call Winchester 737 7398 between 8-830am Thursdays or you'll miss him.
Jessamine's open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri. Today's Thurs..
Lex: Call police? Busy signal...
Wait, why can't I find my permit? He didn't give it back??
He hates me.
Yes, I'm a US citizen.. 
Aw! The first nice lady I've spoken to! She even called me honey! 
I'm on hold.. Come on Frankfort, don't fail...
And you failed. 
Why can't you accept people from Georgetown??
I'm going to go cry now.
And try and find out why the guy stole my permit.

Good news, he didn't steal it. He just put it in the car next to me without mentioning it. Or maybe he mentioned it and I didn't hear. Regardless, I can now legally  drive again. With someone over 21...

On with the search..

Come on, Sheba, I only have 30mins till everyone shuts down!
Harrison Co doesn't take Georgetownians either..
Anderson Co:
Wednesday 830-10 
beside the courthouse 
permission slip. 
Yay! Success! 


I think we're good here.
See ya Wednesday.